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Increase Traffic to Your Site the Right Way

How to Increase Traffic to Your Site the Right Way

If you think your offline business doesn’t need an online presence, you’d be wrong. Statistically, consumers first go to the internet to find local businesses that are offering what they want, and so it is worth your time to make sure you build a website where you get targeted traffic that’s potentially your offline business customer. Let’s look at how to increase traffic to your site the right way.

There is a right way and a wrong way to bring traffic to your website. If you do it the wrong way, you could experience the wrath of Google and actually find yourself banned from Google and other search engines. That’s not what you want to do. Let’s look at the right way to increase your traffic and keep the search engines happy.

Stay Around for Awhile

The longer you are online and the longer your business in in the search engines online the more likely your business will pop up in a search for related keywords, so you need to be online for awhile.

4 Things You Can do to Increase Website Traffic for Your Offline Business

Just because you run an offline, business doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a solid online presence. After all, that’s where your clients are going to find you. Let’s look at 4 things you can do to increase website traffic for your offline business.

#1 Submit Quality Articles to Some of the Popular Article Sites

Write good articles that are relevant. Quality articles can be submitted to the many popular article directories like ezine articles. These directories are packed with rich content that the search engines love and it’s a great place to brand yourself and create links to your website. However, do no post the same article to more than one article site. Make sure each posting is unique. This is a great way for you to get a new website recognized – using the power of the article sites.

#2 Build Quality Links for Your Site Using Website Linking Practices

You want to build links with other websites that have both high traffic because they are popular and are relevant to your website. Website links work two ways. They can generate significant targeted traffic to your site and it will also aid in boosting your website’s popularity. The search engines feel that if you have a hundred links you are more popular than the site that has three links. As a result, Google Page Rank will be bumped up.

#3 Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

Search engine optimization tweaks your site to help it rise in the search engine results. Did you know 80 percent of visitors would click on the first link they see on their search? The remaining 20 percent of visitors will work through the other 19 results on the page. When you optimize your site, it will reach the first page of the search results and you can enjoy the traffic it brings to you.

#4 Create Joint Ventures With Other Businesses

Deal with other persons and businesses to create joint ventures to reach a huge target audience. For example, let’s say that you own a landscaping business in DC, and then you could joint venture with every landscaping related business in the DC area. You can even cross promote so that you all can benefit.

These four things can help you to increase your website traffic for your offline business, so why not start today?

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