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Multiple Themes Plugin


Multiple Themes Plugin is a unique plugin that allows you to have multiple active WordPress themes running on your blog at the same time!


People love to see beautiful pages while surfing the Internet. If you are using WordPress, installing free or premium theme is very easy and based from the looks of your site, the site viewers will judge your credibility not just on the information you’ve shared but also on the design of your website.

What if you install multiple active WordPress Themes at the same time and test which theme really converts well? Inside this product package you will receive a special WordPress plugin that does this for your website.

Below are few of its main features:

  1. Use can decide to use one theme for all posts, one for your homepage
  2. You can also specify specific themes for other non-admin pages like categories and archive pages.
  3. You can even select additional themes for specific posts or pages that override sitewide settings.
  4. And so much more…

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