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WP Feedback Pro

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Fast Deployment >
WP Feedback Pro quickly and easily helps you build pages with review areas that are completely customizable. Your visitors can then rapidly interact and leave their product reviews.

Fully Customizable >
You are not limited with your creativity. Customizable appearance of your review pages in different variations for maximum profits is easy.

Flexible >
Display your review sections as a widget, sidebar content and in pages + posts… Basically you can get place ANYWHERE within your WordPress site!

Product Info >
Pages created with WP Feedback Pro includes your product image, product title, product info, product details link, and, also, a review form.

Action >
Your product is listed in an attractive way so visitors will feel the need to leave their review. Once they see others, it has the snowball effect…

Listen >
Learn what visitors are thinking about your products or services in an automated way. Deploy and you are ready to get valuable info in real time.


Using WP Feedback Pro, you can now setup your own review and feedback area in record time.

In a few steps you will be able to setup review pages and start collecting valuable feedback from your visitors.

Getting Feedback from your customers and visitors is the key your success.

Using this plugin, you will know exactly what people think and are saying about your products in real time.

No matter how hard we all try to be mind readers, it will never be successful but…

Using this new WordPress plugin will allow you to get into your visitors heads and obtain precious info!


If you are a seasoned or even a beginning product marketer there is most likely one powerful weapon you are overlooking… Feedback Reviews!

You can do all the secret recipes, traffic tricks, offers or whatever people tell you is the latest and greatest. But, placing reviews is the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapon you can deploy!

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